Are you honest? Are you reliable? Is your pricing fair?

If you can answer yes to these 3 questions then you are eligible to apply to become a Trustys member! All you need to do is ask one of your customers to contact us to recommend you to us to join – all of our members have to be recommended to us before they can join.

Why Join Trustys?

  • Get regular work in your local area.
  • Customers will feel at ease knowing you have been checked and verified by Trustys.
  • With prices starting from just £300pa (with monthly payment plans available) and NO referral fees Trustys could be the affordable way for you to get your name as a reputable business out there.

Member Benefits that include:

  • FREE Trustys marketing materials (window/van stickers, feedback cards, pens, embroidered workwear patches, Membership certificate, Trustys ID Card)
  • Member discounts.

How to join?

Fill in the below form to arrange a chat over the phone or a meeting where we can explain how Trustys works and learn more about your business – view Our Standards. and ensure you can comfortable meet them all (all the time).

If we’re both happy to proceed we’ll ask you to provide contact details of five customers who are willing to provide references for you.

We’ll also ask you to provide the following items (where applicable) – we do not retain these documents or any copies, they just need to be seen by us.

  • Photo ID (Passport or Photo driving licence)
  • 2 Utility bills addressed to you at your home address
  • Evidence of your Income Tax Code (to prove you pay tax)
  • Your National Insurance Number
  • Business Insurance Policies (eg Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Employer Liability)
  • Qualifications
  • Regulatory compliance (eg Gas Safe Certificate)

What happens next?

A member of our team will contact you once your references have been checked and once we’re happy with your Application. We will set up a draft listing for you based on information provided by you which will be sent to you for approval and it will be Published following receipt of your (initial) payment.

Any business joining Trustys have to agree to our T&Cs.

Come on board!

  • (This will be how it will be displayed on our website)
  • (this is not displayed online)


If you or your business has been subject to any CCJs, court actions, criminal prosecutions or other actions that, were we aware of them, may affect our decision to accept you for Membership, YOU MUST TELL US.
Any disclosure will be treated as confidential and will not necessarily prohibit you from joining Trustys as long as you’re honest with us.


We’ll undertake such checks on you and your business as we consider appropriate. Any Applicant found to have provided inaccurate information will immediately have their Application for Membership declined and will not be considered for any future Application.
Should we discover at a later date something that was not disclosed to us at the outset, we reserve the right to immediately terminate your Trustys Membership and remove your business details from the Trustys Website.

Monthly payments will require to continue to expiry of the 12 months period of your Listing and no refunds will be given.
Legal action may be taken against the Applicant if we consider that our Trustys reputation has been damaged in any way as a result of any non-disclosure.

Declined Applications

We reserve the right to decline Applications where we already have other Businesses of the same (or similar) type in the same (or similar) area, although these Applications may be retained on a ‘reserve’ list and reconsidered for Membership at a future date (subject to our discretion).
In the event that we decline any Application, we are not obliged to provide any reason or explanation for our decision.

Contact Us

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