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PS: We love to receive your feedback and every day we receive many reviews. There is no need to call or email to check if we have received your feedback. Feedback is reviewed by our staff and then added to the website manually to avoid spammers posting to our website.

If you’ve been happy with work done by one of our Trustys, this is the place to spread the word! Good feedback is what our website is all about.

We’re pleased to say that since Trustys began in 2011, there has been very little negative feedback, but we live in the real world and occasional problems can occur, even with the best tradesmen. So, if for any reason, you’ve been unhappy with one of our Trustys, please allow them the chance to sort out the problem before you send feedback. These are genuine tradesmen who depend on their reputations and will endeavour to put right anything that’s gone wrong – please view our Complaints Procedures.

We reserve the right to not publish negative or anonymous feedback and to edit comments (to correct grammar & spelling).

We do NOT keep any of your contact information or pass it along to third parties. We ask for your contact details just in case we need to contact you about the feedback you’ve left.

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