• Where feedback suggests improvements could be made to the service provided, we’ll alert the Trustys member and support them as far as possible to make appropriate improvements.
• In the rare event that we receive a verified complaint about one of our Trustys members, we’ll contact the customer in the first instance for more information. We’ll also ensure that the customer has given the Trustys member the chance to remedy the situation before contacting us.
• Next we’ll contact the Trustys member as a matter of urgency to discuss this with them and consider possible resolutions. We’ll expect the Trustys member to respond to any such contact from us without delay and to do everything reasonably possible to resolve the complaint without delay.
• If a Trustys member fails to respond to such contact from us promptly, or fails to address the complaint promptly and positively , we reserve the right to suspend their listing.

We believe that simply publishing a complaint does nothing to help either Business or Customer, so our approach instead is to help, wherever possible, find the best possible solution for both parties.

• We may suggest a compromise. We’ll always act as fairly as possible to both parties and, while our suggestion may not be legally enforceable, both parties would be encouraged to settle at this stage.
• In the unlikely event that there is no resolution and no compromise reached, the customer will be entitled to have their complaint published on the website (provided we consider it balanced and honest) Director’s decision is final. The Trustys member will then have the right to post a response which, again, should be balanced and honest. We may add our own comment if we consider it appropriate.

We will not become involved in any complaint where legal action is being taken by either party, nor where a regulatory body is involved in investigating the complaint.

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