Our Standards for Trustys Members

Our Members are expected to be ‘Trusty’ in the fullest meaning of the word in running their businesses including (but not restricted to) adhering to our Standards.

**In the event that any of our Standards are breached (in our opinion), we reserve the right to terminate the relevant Membership immediately and remove all details from the Trustys Website.

Our Standards

  • Complete honesty – always.
  • Reliability – Return phone messages. Arrive on time. If running late, let customer know.
  • Quality of Work – always deliver a good quality job.
  • Fair Prices – prices charged should always be fair.
  • Hold all required qualifications and licences.
  • Hold appropriate insurance cover.
  • Comply with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Quotations to be given in writing and any changes to be agreed in writing.
  • Always give receipts to customers.
  • No inflated invoices to be issued eg for insurance claims or letting agents.
  • Respect fellow Trustys Members.
  • Respond promptly when we contact you.
  • Accept constructive advice from us.
  • Manage customer expectations to avoid complaints wherever possible.
  • Work with us to resolve any customer complaint.
  • Accept our decision in event of any unresolved customer complaint.
  • On cancellation of your membership with Trustys, you must immediately stop using Trustys branding, including removing all Trustys Member stickers from vans.
  • Do nothing that may damage or threaten the Trustys reputation.


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