• We continually monitor our Trustys members’ from the feedback we receive from their customers and from ‘Word of Mouth’.
  • We expect our Trustys members to encourage as much customer feedback to the Trustys website as possible so that it can be validated and published for others to share.
  • We supply all Trustys members with our branded feedback forms/cards to send/give to their customers. These can either be emailed to customers or handed to them.
  • We recommend that feedback forms/cards are provided to prospective customers at the outset of any transaction to make them aware of their ‘trusty’ status. This assurance, together with the comfort of our monitoring and feedback procedures plus our supportive complaints procedures, will increase the likelihood of prospective customers employing the Trustys Member’s services.
  • We supply gently worded follow-up feedback forms/cards which can be sent/given to customers at the end of a transaction as a reminder to submit feedback.
  • We check all the feedback we receive to ensure (as far as possible) that it’s genuine.
  • We believe that prospective customers searching the Trustys website will often take published feedback into account when making their decision on which Trustys member to employ. So we are extremely keen to encourage as much feedback from customers as possible.
  • Feedback can be given by customers either via the Feedback Tab on the Trustys member’s listing, or by email, text, mobile phone or verbally on a land-line phone, so we cater for all circumstances.
  • We share all verified positive feedback on the ‘Trustys’ website along with the customer’s name and location (where permitted) for others to share. This feedback can then be copied by our Trustys members to their own websites and social media etc.
  • We do not publish any feedback we believe to be fictitious or malicious
  • We do not publish any feedback which contains inappropriate language or comments (in our opinion), bigoted remarks or racist language and
  • We do not publish any negative feedback on the ‘Trustys’ website, unless in exceptional circumstances. (Yes you did read that right. See our Complaints Procedures for explanation).
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